Car Parking Shed Manufacturer Hitech Innovations, Mohali is among the foremost in manufacturing tailor-made Car Parking and Porch sheds in Chandigarh, Mohali, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Ludhiana and Panchkula. We have years of un-paralleled experience in designing, manufacturing and commissioning class leading fiberglass and polycarbonate based car sheds. We have done over 1000 simple and complex installations of car sheds across the tri-city and in northern part of India. We have worked extensively in cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Karnal, Jalandhar, New Delhi, Pinjore, Faridabad, Phagwara & Panipat.

Our car sheds are modern in style, very reliable, durable, water resistant and heat resistant. Our after sales services is one such aspect for which we are proud of. We use very high quality polycarbonate (single and multi-wall type), fiberglass and stainless steel sheets to manufacture our car sheds. These sheds are very light in weight, modular in design and customized to meet your exact requirements.

You just give us a call and our engineer will come to your home/office to take the exact dimensions of the space and will offer you various alternatives to choose your shed from. Once you decide on your design requirements, we will immediately start manufacturing a modular frame to address your need. One the entire shed is complete, we will do the installation at your place without doing any damage or alteration to your existing setup. Our manufacturing and installation work is very clean and conforms to highest quality and safety standards set in India.

Salient features of our car sheds:

Car Shed

Car Shed – Sector 36, Chandigarh

  • Light weight
  • Wide range of colors available in Fiberglass and Polycarbonate sheets (even available in opaque)
  • Easy installation
  • Easy removal
  • Very low maintenance
  • Weather resistant (Wind, Heat or Cold)
  • Enhances the looks of your residence, factory, parking lot or office
  • Available in stainless steel options
  • Very fast manufacturing at our state of the art manufacturing unit Mohali, phase 9 industrial area.
  • Very customizable as per your exact requirements
  • Corrosion resistant

Type of car sheds available with us:

  • Standard reversed U shaped shed
  • Single pole umbrella shaped shed
  • Wave shape shed
  • Cone type shed
  • Pyramid style shed


tensile-car-shed-manufacturerTensile structures are now among the fastest growing technology in and around Chandigarh. We have also streamlined our manufacturing procedure for developing Tensile Structures. Tensile structures are also know as thin-shell structures that very light in weight and commissioning a complete project can be done in a matter of hours only.

Using the best steel material combined with the best fabric / PVC we can make sheds for Car Parking, Windows Awnings, Walk Ways, Canopies, Umbrellas, Gazebos, Shade Sails, Fixed Structure and Window Blinds. We ensure that the stress in a tensile structure is accurate so that it can last for the maximum length of time without any un-due problems. We use ISO certified material in all our fabrication work. So if you are looking for a Tensile Structure or a general steel sheds – You can trust our quality and we believe you will be satisfied to the maximum extent as 1000’s of our other customers throughout India and overseas.

These tensile sheds are very portable and easy to close /open at any time. The ISO certified heavy duty PVC material used in our tensile structures are very rugged and can be used without any issues. These sheds look very elegant and attractive.

Some of the features that may interest you regarding our tensile structures:

Car Shed Manufacturers

Car Shed Manufacturers

  • Ultra-Violet rays protected
  • Heat and Flame Resistant
  • Guaranteed life span of 15 years
  • All sheds are designed to filter light
  • Glare absorbing material
  • Gives you privacy in broad day light
  • Openness factor from 0% (blackout) to 15% (extremely open weave)
  • It enhances the look of our home and office
  • It helps reduce your electricity bills by reducing air-condition consumption
  • We use PVC coated fiberglass
  • Aluminium Alloy Frame with Stainless Steel accessories
  • Wide range of Acrylic / Sunscreen Mesh fabrics to match any surrounding

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The Making of Car Parking Shed for Multiple Cars

The Making of Car Parking Shed for Multiple Cars at Kurukshetra District Court

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