Hitech Innovations has cemented its place as one of the foremost manufacturers, selling supplier and exporter for Commercial Kitchen (for Hotels) and Utility Equipment (both Electricity and Gas Operated) for the Hospitality Industry in India. We manufacture commercial kitchens for Hotels, Resorts, BPO Centers, Hospitals, Industries, Embassies, Armed Forces and Educational Institutions. Right from the planning stage to complete commissioning we provide total commercial kitchen and all types of refrigeration equipment.

Hitech Innovations is fully equipped to handle all kinds of Kitchen development works of all levels and that too without compromising on quality and workmanship. In addition to that we also provide professional consultancy on Commercial Kitchens.

kitchen-for-hotel-at-shimlaWe work in tandem with our national and international clients to exactly understand and recommend a perfect solution to their specific kitchen needs.  We clearly knows the importance and long term benefits of cultivating relationships, accessing, and incorporating cutting edge technology.

We offer a complete range of kitchen services with unique design and development process to get the job done within your budget. We have a team of professional kitchen designers and developers to plan, develop and commission a beautifully ventilated kitchen to surpass your best of expectations.

Our staff has spent many in years in hospitality industry, so we have a pretty good idea of handling challenging kitchen jobs where demanding chefs require certain things to be flexible and be adjusted as per their agenda. We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and infrastructure to handle the requirements of commercial hotel kitchens of the future.


Commercial Kitchen

Designing and developing hotel kitchen is the most complex and dynamic environment. It requires architects and interior decorators to facilitate fluidic changes on demands from a client. We have worked with small and large hotels in India are fully capable to understand the ever changing and growing demands of a client. Our ability to understand the current and the future requirements of a client makes us one of the leading commercial kitchen developers and specialists in fabricated kitchen equipment in India.

We are way ahead of our nearest competitors as we take any rare complaints as a positive thrust to our dedication towards customer satisfaction. We constantly improve our performance and quality to ensure that our customers are our permanent assets.

Our perpetual consistent quality, best equipment designing, vast market coverage and the number of years of experience have given us a cutting edge with our competitors. Our natural tendency to improve our performance and quality with each passing year has taken us way ahead of our nearest competitor. The people at our group are very sensitive and customer friendly about the complaints, which infect is a rare occurrence from the customers.

commercial-kitchen-for-hotel-in-chandigarhWe make commercial kitchens that are:

  • Adequately ventilated
  • Properly illuminated
  • Modern in style
  • Flexible to work around
  • Top class in quality
  • Very affordable
  • Future ready and upgradable

For all types of inquiries and orders, please call: +91-9216471367 or email us at: hitek622@gmail.com

In addition to planning, designing and manufacturing a complete working commercial kitchen for the hotels/restaurants, we also manufacture all types of stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment to exactly match your personalized requirements.

The product gallery displayed below shows our product range and these products can be customized exactly as per your requirements.

Some of our satisfied clients are:

  1. Chandigarh Judicial Academy, Sector 43, Chandigarh
  2. Hotels like Tomato Pvt. Ltd. (Gurgaon), Sip-O-Bite (Gurgaon), Tulip Apparels Pvt. Ltd. (Delhi), Faaso’s Food Services Private Limited (Pune), Farmland Premium Foods LLP (Delhi), Apra Motels (Gurgaon),  Changezi Restaurant (Delhi), Good Food (Raipur).
  3. Education Institutes like Niper, Govt. Colleges, Indian Army
  4. Local/International Fast Food Joints in Punjab and Haryana

What are the key points which make us different from others?

  • We don’t follow the quality but we feel the quality.
  • Well balanced team & very effective management.
  • Timely Execution & product delivery on the committed date.
  • Prompt action related to services & Great craftsmanship.
  • We manufacture all the equipment listed below as per your given dimensions.
  • Very competitive cost.

Our product line of commercial kitchen equipment:

Refrigeration Equipment

  1. Under Counter Refrigerator
  2. Cold Salad Counter
  3. Six door Refrigerator
  4. Ice Cream Display Parlor
  5. Cake /Sweet Display Counter
  6. Visi Cooler
  7. Water Cooler
  8. Wine Chiller
  9. Multi Door Refrigerator/Freezer
  10. Cold Room
  11. Pizza Preparation Counter
  12. Ice Cube Machine
  13. Softy Machine
  14. Slush Machine

Cooking Equipment

  1. Single Burner Range
  2. Two Burner Range
  3. Three/Four Burner Range
  4. Lava Grill
  5. Hot Plate
  6. SS Tandoor
  7. Idli Steamer
  8. Pasta Cooker
  9. Rice Boiler
  10. Deep Fat Fryer
  11. Burner with Oven
  12. Chinese Range
  13. Shawarma Machine
  14. Bar- BQ

Other Equipment

  1. Vegetable Machine
  2. Potato Peeler
  3. Wet Masala Grinder
  4. Pulveriser Machine
  5. Chopping Board
  6. Meat Slicer/ Mincer
  7. Plantery Mixer
  8. Spiral Mixer
  9. Dough Sheeter
  10. Single Deck Oven
  11. Two Deck Oven
  12. Proving Chamber
  13. Bread Slicer
  14. Conveyor Pizza Oven

Service Equipment

  1. Masala Trolley
  2. GN Pan Trolley
  3. Utility Trolley
  4. Food Trolley
  5. Bain Marie Hot/Cold
  6. Weighing Machine
  7. Potato Onion Bin
  8. Plate Warmer
  9. Bakery Trolley
  10. Plate Farm Trolley

Bar Equipment

  1. Cocktail Station
  2. Bar Blander
  3. Stick Blander
  4. Ice Crusher Machine
  5. Wine Chiller
  6. Glass Washer Machine
  7. Juice Dispenser
  8. Commercial Juicer

Ventilation Equipment

  1. Ducting
  2. Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  3. Insulated Duct
  4. Exhaust Fan
  5. Co-Axial Fan
  6. Gas Bank

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust installed at a Hostel in Chandigarh

Completed Installation of Commercial Kitchen-Exhaust at Hostel

Completed Installation of Commercial Kitchen-Exhaust at Hostel

Multilayered Oven for Commercial Kitchen

Multi-Layered Oven for Commercial Kitchens

Multi-Layered Oven for Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchen equipment and complete kitchens at our factory (Mohali).

Our complete commercial kitchen equipment for easy selection.