Clients in India and overseas approach us to design and build tensile structures and tensile sheds as per their suggestions. Everyone is now aware of the potential that ‘Tensile Technology’ offers. It not only enhances the design prospects but also give cost effective solutions to your ever growing demands. Every client has a distinctive requirement and tensile structure is a perfect solution to give them a competitive edge over their rivals.

Tensile Structure - Car Shed

Tensile Structure manufactured for a client in Patiala

We are among the foremost manufacturers of Tensile Structures in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Punjab with our presence in countries like Thailand and Canada.

Tensile structures are much more rapid to implement, looks great, light in weight and are customized to exactly match your requirements. The fabric membrane used in the tensile structure is thoroughly checked for the strength, translucency, range of colors as per the requirement of a client and above all the ‘longevity’. The external tensile structures (like tensile car parking sheds, porch sheds and gazebos) are designed to perform for a period of 7 years to 40 years in blistering sun, wind and rains. The cost vary as per the selection of fabric quality. You can call Hitech Innovations to get the fabric matrix to know the price per sq.ft.


Tensile Structure 10ftx14ft (Car Parking Shed in Chandigarh)

One of the most common issue with tensile structures are that they are very difficult to draw and becomes hard for the client to visualize the final outcome. We at Hitech Innovations use Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology to create a 3-D perspective view for the client to understand as what he will get as a final structure. Our designers are very experienced and can visualize your requirement to give you a complete look of your tensile structure on the computer systems. A client can suggest any alteration to the structure or fabric even before we start manufacturing tensile structure.

Following things are kept in mind before we manufacture Tensile Structures:

  1. Insulation: Fabric used in the tensile structures comes with various range of translucency. It is actually used to protect direct sun-light falling on cars, porch, ground etc. Fabric translucency matrix can be obtained from Hitech Innovations. Multi layer fabric can also be used to protect any sort of condensation – the budget may increase with this.
  2. Fire Safety: Fabric material used by Hitech Innovations conforms to the highest international standards. A typical PVC coated polyester fabric conforms to Euro Class rating B-s2,d0.
  3. Environment: Most of the fabric materials available with Hitech Innovations can be recycled.

Tensile Structure Appearance:

The appearances of tensile structures are spectacular particularly if they are incorporated with low energy lighting systems like LEDs. Backlighting shows off the quality and translucency of the fabric during the night. It is a treat to watch. It provides indirect illumination to the canopies, car sheds and porch sheds.

To maintain the translucency of the tensile structures to an optimum level we recommend that you hire Hitech Innovations to ensure that they are cleaned annually and maintained to a proper level. However, every tensile structure that we create comes with a maintenance manual that shows how the structure can be safely maintained either by the client or a specialist cleaning company.


Tensile Structure for 10 Cars

Uses of Tensile Structures:

Tensile structures have come a long way in India. It is now among the foremost requirement in any architectural project. The flexibility offered by the tensile technology ensures that the requirement will only increase. The tensile structures have found its uses in various places:

  1. Car and Motorcycle Parking
  2. Stages
  3. Covered Malls
  4. Transport Interchanges
  5. Walkways
  6. Marriage Parties and Other Events
  7. Exhibition Areas
  8. Sports Arenas
  9. Entrances
  10. Play areas
  11. Open air restaurants
  12. Terraces
  13. Resorts
  14. Live-ins
  15. Swimming Pools
  16. Canopies
  17. Food Courts
  18. Architectural Structures
  19. Auditoriums
  20. Airports


The price offered by Hitech Innovations for manufacturing tensile structures is among the most competitive in India. People choose us for sheer quality and un-matched after sales service.


We offer the best quality of fabric and MS and/or Steel framing structure to manufacture tensile structures of extensive spans. We use sophisticated fire-resistant synthetic fabrics such as PVC, FG/PTFE, ETFE and other light materials to give your requirement a unique look. We undertake any type of private or government work with any degree of complexity.

The steel quality used in manufacturing Tensile Structures are Seamless Pipe from Jindal Steel or Tata Steel (as per the requirements from our client).

Tensile Fabric Specifications:Tensile Membrane Specifications


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