Hitech Innovations is the foremost and well known brand in India for manufacturing, supplying and exporting of top quality (ISO 9001:2015 Certified) Bain Marie  Counter with features like Sliding Doors, Electronically Heat Controlled Units and Efficient Heat Retaining capabilities. Our Bain Marie Counters are customized to meet your personalized requirements. We design and manufacture Bain Marie Counter on the basis of your specific requirements. We can customize it for optimum heat, optimum size and optimum use of electricity to conform to Indian electrical star ratings standards.

Our recent work is that we manufactured and installed Bain Marie similar to Google Canteen in the National Institute of Sports (Patiala). 


A Bain-Marie (also known as Food Warmer) is a French term that refers to a method of cooking or a commercial kitchen tool used for gentle, indirect heating of food or liquids.

In its simplest form, a Bain-Marie consists of a large, shallow container filled with water, and a smaller container that is placed inside the larger one, with the food or liquid to be heated inside. The water in the larger container is heated, which in turn gently heats the contents of the smaller container, allowing for a more controlled cooking process.

Bain-Marie is commonly used for delicate sauces, custards, or other dishes that require slow and gentle cooking. The method is also used to keep foods warm or to prevent them from overheating, as the water acts as a buffer between the heat source and the food, preventing direct contact and uneven cooking.

Bain-Marie can also refer to a kitchen tool, which is essentially a double boiler. This type of bain-marie consists of two pans, one that sits inside the other, with the bottom pan filled with water. The heat source is applied to the bottom pan, and the top pan, which holds the food, is gently heated by the steam produced by the water in the bottom pan.

Following are some of the pictures of our Bain Marie.

Our Bain Marie Counter is durable and suitable to display a complete range of cooked food for wedding parties, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, personal home use, commercial kitchens like army mess, school canteens etc. As displayed here, our range includes latest 6 Vessel Hot Bain Marie having industrial gas burners, fan for good combustion, burner housing with hinged opening, and automatic air shut off feature.


Key Features of our Bain Marie:

  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Ultra modern design
  • Very low maintenance
  • Conform to Energy Star rating set by Indian Electrical Standard
Bain Marie Ready for Export at our Factory
Bain Marie Ready for Export at our Factory