prefabricated-houseWe manufacture and export Prefabricated House, Prefabricated Industrial Sheds, Prefabricated Cabins and Tensile membrane structures. Our prefabricated structures are designed by some of the finest architects in north India and conforms to all government laid safety standards. We ensure that you not only get the lowest cost structure for your need but also the most trendy. The structures developed by us are done at rapid pace hence yielding higher rate of return on your investment. So if you are an owner or a developer your profit will increase by manifolds.

The prefabricated structures developed by us has some of the following utilities:


  • Site Offices
  • Large and Small Warehouses / storage rooms
  • Permanent Office Buildings
  • Industries and Factories
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Religious Places
  • On the road shops and Dhabas
  • Aeroplane hangars
  • Convention Halls
  • Bus Stops
  • Military Base
  • Security Guard Rooms

prefabricated-housesOur prefabricated structures are very robust and dimensionally accurate as they are developed under the strict supervision of highly qualified and experience structural engineers. We can very easily erect these structures at any type of site or terrain. Our prefabricated structures have an approximate life span of 20 years and very inexpensive if you take construction cost into consideration.

While manufacturing prefabricated structures our professionals make use of optimum quality material that is procured from the top and authentic vendors of the industry in India. These robust, durable and dimensionally accurate structures are easy to shift from one location to another. Some of the obvious features are highlighted as below:


  • Flexible and space saving
  • Very light in weight when compared to any other fabrication work or concrete structure
  • Highly earthquake resistant
  • Very robust and sturdy
  • All weather resistant
  • Offer very high thermal and sound insulation
  • Structures are fire retardant
  • Durable, reliability and ultra-modern
  • Extremely easy to erect and dismantle
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Top quality material (panels and joints)
  • Flexible design & dimensions
  • Can Withstand wind Velocity up to 130 Km/Hour
  • Can Withstand Extreme Temperature ranging from -45°C to 85°C

Security Guard Cabins

We are also the foremost manufacturers of FRP Security Guard Cabins. These cabins are custom designed as per the requirements of a client. These Security Guard Cabins are made for Security Personnel and the roof is designed with heat insulation.

These FRP based Security Guard Cabins are of following specifications:

  • Material: Film, Steel, FRP
  • Built Type: Prefabrication
  • Feature: Eco Friendly, Glass
  • Use: Homes, Industrial Units, Sensitive Residences, Kiosk, Toilet, Shop
  • Minimum Order: 1 Unit
FRP Security Cabin

FRP Security Cabin

All fabricated structures come with plywood or bakelite interiors, glass wool insulation, electrical fittings, aluminum windows, marine ply flooring with PVC carpet and epoxy paint on the outside.

We are one of the most preferred company in Punjab for fabrication and prefabrication work just because of our top quality work at very reasonable cost and post maintenance and rehabilitation.

Prefabricated Farm House Huts in Himachal Pradesh

Prefabricated Farm House Huts in Himachal Pradesh

Prefabricated Farm House Huts in Himachal Pradesh 02

Prefabricated Farm House Huts in Himachal Pradesh 02