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Following are some of our sanitizer dispensing products on online display and with the best possible price per unit. However, we welcome distributor and suppliers from all across India and overseas. We are exporting Sanitizer Dispenser Stand to Canada, USA, Australia, Hong Kong and United Kingdom.

(Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand / System)

CSIR - Hitech Innovations

Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispensing System (Sanitizer Dispenser Stand) presented here is designed by CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation Chandigarh (the largest R&D Organization of Ministry of Science and Technology – Government of India), and commercially manufactured by Hitech Innovations (Mohali) for the people of India to combat the outbreak of Covid-19 / other deadly viruses. The NEWS is widely covered in the print and online media – like The Tribune. Please see the NEWS here.

Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Dimensions

As per World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines, we should use contact-less sanitizer dispenser to avoid spreading of coronavirus (and many more unknown viruses) through the contaminated bottle as by touching the sanitization bottle you unknowingly leave the virus on the bottle and it is transmitted to other family members who comes into contact with it. So World Health Organization (WHO) has advised to use a contact-less sanitizer dispenser.

Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

The manual foot pedal operated sanitizer dispenser stand presented here is very elegant in design and will suits your decor. It is compact and robust ensuring many years of operation without any maintenance. The built quality is unmatched and it is very easy to assemble.

The design is unique and the Stainless Steel 500ml Refill Bottle avoids any mismatch of sanitizer bottle on the stand. Just pour any sanitizer into the steel bottle provided along with this stand and it is ready to use.

Our Foot Pedal Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is the only Government of India approved Dispenser in India to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and other harmful viruses.

We also have various other type of sanitizer dispensers and sanitizing tunnels (for humans and vehicles). Other products are also listed on this page below.

Following are the specifications of our most selling adjustable type foot operated sanitizer dispensing stand. It comes with 1 year operational warranty.

Sanitizer Dispenser Stands
Length of Dispenser Stand 42 inch
Central Rod Length 39 inch
Central Rod Width 6.5 inch (including side screw)
Base Plate Size 9 inch x 9 inch x 3/4inch
Steel Refill Bottle 9 inch x 6 inch x 3 inch
Steel Refill Bottle Volume 500 ml
Material Stainless Steel (SS304)
Net Weight (Without Sanitzer Liquid) 5.5Kg
Net Weight (With Sanitizer Liquid) 6.0Kg
Type Manually Foot Operated
Display Size 3¼ x 6½ x 4½
Availability Readily available
Price (SS Sanitizer Dispenser Stand) Rs. 1350/- + GST (Per piece) Contact for wholesale rates
Price (MS Sanitizer Dispenser Stand) Rs. 1000/- + GST (Per piece) Contact for wholesale rates
Best Sanitizer Dispenser Stand in India (CSIR Designed) Best Sanitizer Dispenser Stand in India
Best Sanitizer Dispenser Stand in India
Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
Three Sanitizer Dispenser Models
Manufacturing of Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
Wooden Laser Design for Sanitizer Dispenser
Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (New Video)
360° View of Best Sanitizer Dispenser Stand
Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Three Units
Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Single Unit
Sanitizer Dispenser Bottle Holder
Sanitizer Dispenser Stand 500ml Steel Bottle
Installing Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Display
Sanitizer Dispensers Packed in Wooden Pallets
Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Single Unit
Sanitizer Dispenser Bottle Holder
Sanitizer Dispenser Stand Foot Pedals
Sanitizer Dispenser Steel Bottle
Fixing Base Plate
Sanitizer Dispenser Packed

How to select a best Sanitizer Dispenser Stand:

  1. Built Quality: Check for the quality of steel and nut-bolts; ensure that the sanitizer dispenser stand is rust-proof and will last for many years even if placed outside.
  2. Stability: Ensure that the sanitizer dispenser stand is stable and remains stable once you press the foot-pedal. As a standard norm, a heavier / rugged stand should be an ideal choice for you.
  3. Height: The best sanitizer dispenser stand offers you the ability adjust the height of the sanitizer bottle on the sanitizer dispenser stand.
  4. Appealing: One of the foremost things to look for in a sanitizer dispenser stand is its design and appeal. Do keep in mind that once you keep it somewhere it must complement the surroundings.
  5. Cost / Price: Another important factor is the price of a sanitizer dispenser stand. The cost / price of a very high quality stand would be between INR1000 to INR2000.
  6. Material: Sanitizer Dispenser Stands are available in Mild-Steel (MS), Wooden and Stainless Steel (304). If you really need a good-quality/ long-lasting sanitizer dispenser stand then opt for Stainless Steel made stand.
  7. Portability: You must look for a portable sanitizer dispenser stand, so that it can be dismantled and kept in a small space somewhere in your house/office.
  8. Built-in Bottle: Some of the sanitizer dispenser stands offer built-in-bottles to hold sanitizer liquid. These types of sanitizer dispenser stands are the best as you do not have to choose a predefined bottle type. All you have to do is bring a sanitizer bottle and empty it into the steel bottle variably fixed steel bottle.
  9. Ease of Use: The sanitizer dispenser stand should be very easy to use. With slightest of touch on the foot-pedal should dispenser sanitizer liquid on your palms.
  10. Warranty: Ensure that the manufacturer is giving you a warranty of at least 1 year along with the sanitizer dispenser stand.
  11. Government Approval: Since sanitizer uses spirit which is highly inflammatory so the approval from the relative government agencies is a must. Ensure that the sanitizer dispenser stand that you are buying is Government Approved and conforms to all the safety norms.
  12. Brand: The final point to look for is the brand of the Sanitizer Dispenser Stand. Hitek (from Hitech Innovations Mohali) is the best sanitizer dispenser stand in India. That is approved and designed by CSIR (Ministery of Science and Technology – Govt. of India).



  • Infrared Body Temperature Detection Module
  • Sensor for Auto-Dispensing, Beep Signal for Empty Sanitizer Volume etc.
  • LED Screen for Usage Instructions and Advertisements/ Educational Videos.
  • Capacity of Machine: 5000ml (Serves 2500 hands)
  • Sanitizer Dispense Per Hand: 2ml (Standard)


We are the manufacturers, supplier of insulated walk-in Sanitization Tunnel (Disinfection Tunnel especially for deadly viruses like Coronavirus, SARS, Ebola) of customized size fixed with top quality Mist Nozzles (Fogger Nozzle), High quality Crompton Greaves Automatic Mist Pumps, LED light with step in Sensor & Timer.

We are actively supplying Disinfection Tunnels and Sanitizer Dispensers to Chandigarh, Mohali, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Karnal, Delhi, Mumbai, Phagwara, Jaipur, Shimla, Panchkula and Amritsar – States Covered by us Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Jammu, Andhra Pradesh and Bengal.


Hitech insulated Walk-in Tunnel can be used to sanitize a whole human body from head to toe with appropriate chemicals. We also manufacture large sized sanitization tunnel (disinfectant tunnels) for drive-in vehicles (please see the drawings below).

Our sanitization tunnel is supplied with a special Memory Foam Mat for shoe sole sanitization. Automatic Infrared sensor switches the whole sanitization unit ON when a human enters the tunnel and switches it OFF when the human exits the disinfectant tunnel. It also comes with low chemical buzzer warning.

Our sanitization tunnel is suitable for Permanent Installation and Temporary Installations as per your requirement. It is light weight, very rugged and cost is very low.

Chemical Tested for: Hydrogen Peroxide

Our sanitation tunnel solutions provide a perfect versatile solution. We strive to provide you the best range of sanitizing tunnel with effective & timely delivery.

Applications of our Sanitization Tunnels:

All Entry and Exit gates of Factories, Vegetable Market, Hospitals, Clinics, Shopping Complex, Shipping Ports, Railway Yards, Railways Stations, Airports, Storage Rooms etc.

  • Best Quality
  • Reliable
  • Non Fading
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Best Quality Pumps and Sprinklers
  • Very affordable

Hand Wash Sanitization Station

For Commercial Kitchen, Schools, Canteen, Railway Stations against Covid-19 and other Viruses

We are among the foremost stainless steel fabricators in India. We are now supplying in bulk the Hand Wash Sanitization Stations to address the needs of Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants, Dhabas, Open Air Parties, Railway Station, Airports, Army Mess and Canteens. This sanitization station dispenses sanitizer and soap along the water. It is a rugged product and a must for commercial use.

  • Top quality steel work
  • Maintenance free
  • For commercial usage
  • Rust free
  • Heavy Duty

Order at info@hitechinnovations.in.

Hand Wash Sanitization Station for Commercial Kitchen
Hand Wash Sanitization Station
Sanitizer Wash Basin - Sanitizer Station
Sanitizer Wash Basin - Sanitizer Station

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