Tensile Structure for Underground Car Parking Aerocity – Mohali

Located in the meticulously designed and thriving city of Mohali, Aerocity stands out as a prominent residential sector. Its exceptional proximity to Chandigarh International Airport and seamless connectivity to major employment hubs have contributed significantly to the soaring demand for residential properties in this area.

At Hitech Innovations, we take immense pride in our latest accomplishment – the fabrication and installation of an exquisite car parking shade in the commercial parking zone of Aerocity, Mohali. This specifically designed car shed serves as a convenient entry and exit point for the underground car park area.

The advantages of this innovative shade are as follows:

Enhanced Protection: The car parking shade provides an additional layer of protection against harsh weather elements such as direct sunlight, rain, and hail, shielding vehicles from potential damage.

Temperature Regulation: With its effective sun-blocking properties, the shade helps maintain a cooler temperature within the parked vehicles, making the experience of getting back into the car more comfortable, especially during hot summers.

Vehicle Longevity: By reducing exposure to harmful UV rays, the shade helps preserve the vehicle's paint and interior, ultimately contributing to its overall longevity and value retention.

Convenience and Safety: The strategically placed shade facilitates a smooth and hassle-free entry and exit process for cars, enhancing the convenience and safety of drivers and passengers alike.

Aesthetic Appeal: Besides its practical benefits, the car parking shade also adds a touch of elegance to the surroundings, complementing the architectural aesthetics of Aerocity.

Sustainability: By reducing the reliance on air conditioning to cool down heated vehicles, the shade promotes energy efficiency and aligns with eco-friendly practices, contributing to a greener environment.

In conclusion, our car parking shade at Aerocity, Mohali, presents an array of advantages that not only cater to the needs of car owners but also align with modern sustainability goals, making it a valuable addition to the thriving residential sector.

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