We are the manufacturers, exporters, supplier of high quality Wooden Pallets, Wooden Packing in India. We offer a comprehensive range of fumigated/ heat-treated wooden pallets, wooden boxes, wooden packing, custom wooden packing to address all your packing/logistics requirements. These wooden pallets are precisely manufactured and are extensively used in various industrial sectors in India and overseas for all types of packing related works. Our pallets are much better and economical alternative to plastic based pallets, moreover they are durable too.

Wooden Pallet

Wooden Pallet

all-type-of-wooden-palletsHeat treated wooden pallets (Fumigated Wooden Pallets)

We manufacture, supply and export fumigated (Heat Treated) wooden pallets. These types of wooden pallets are ideal for packing and exporting goods. These pallets are heat treated and are very light in weight, so it is ideal for cargo where every single gram is charged. They are resistant to bugs and fungal attacks.
We manufacture them using top quality wood and by using ultra advanced technology backed up by modern machines for accuracy, weight and treatment. We are among the leaders in India for manufacturing and exporting fumigated wooden pallets.

International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has setup a strict guideline for the packing industry to make it compulsory to use only Heat Treated Wooden Pallets for the packing purpose. The primary reason of this being to help prevent the spread of environmentally harmful insects such as the pinewood nematode, termites and the emerald ash borer.

These destructive insects spread very fast and are capable of destroying trees across a country. The heat treating process of Hitech Innovations is very stringent (as per IPPS standards) and the wooden pallets are heated to a minimum core temperature of 58 degrees celcius for 30 minutes. This process of heat treating kills the insects to prevent them from spreading. You can 100% rely on our heat treated wooden pallet quality.


  • Wooden Packaging Pallets
  • Hardwood Wooden Pallets
  • Softwood Wooden Pallets
  • Compressed Wooden Pallets
  • Mixed Jungle wood Wooden Pallets

Four-way wooden pallets

Under our strict quality controlled environment and automatic production line we manufacture and export Four-way wooden pallets that are both very handy and can be lifted with the help of a jack or a forklift from four sides. The quality standard of our Four-way wooden pallets is just un-comparable. Using top quality wooden logs we make these pallets ideal for transportation purpose and it is ideal for packaging industry.
During the last year, we have been recognized as the leader in exporting Four-way-wooden pallets from India.

Two-way wooden Pallets

Hitech Innovations (Mohali) has over the years perfected the art of manufacturing top quality Two-way wooden pallets. With a dedicated effort and relentless research we have carved a niche for our export oriented chemically treated two-way wooden pallets.

Our two-way wooden pallets are ideal for packaging and are guarded against any type of wear & tears and termites. These type of wooden pallets offer an excellent strength and durability. We are among the leaders in manufacturing and exporting these types of wooden pallets.

Customised wooden pallets

We specialize in manufacturing customized wooden pallets to best match your requirements as they are used for holding products of varied sizes and quantity and should also conform to the international standards.

“Our wooden pallets are offered at market leading prices.” – Harjinder Singh Rathore (MD)

wooden-pallet-material-at-warehouseWide array of wood varieties 

We use from wide array of woods to create wooden pallets. Some of the most common woods used in our wooden pallets are as following.

  • Pine, spruce
  • Birch
  • Alder
  • Beech
  • Poplar
  • Fir
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Hornbeam


We also stock-pile, supply and export material used in manufacturing wooden pallets. In our ever growing inventory we have the following types of wooden raw material available:

  • Pallets timber
  • Square logs
  • Round timber
  • Firewood
  • Industrial/construction timber
  • Cutting boards
  • Saw logs.

Standard sizes for wood for wooden pallets:

  1. 17 x 75 x 1200 (1140)
  2. 17 x 78 x 1200 (1140)
  3. 17 x 95 x 1200 (1140)
  4. 17 x 98 x 1200 (1140)
  5. 17 x 115 x 1200 (1140)
  6. 17 x 118 x 1200 (1140)
  7. 17 x 133 x 1200 (1140)
  8. 22 x 98 x 1200
  9. 22 x 143 x 1200

Gallery of Pictures (wooden pallets, packing and cases) from our factory at Mohali:

For all types of bulk inquiries and orders of Heat Treated Wooden Pallets and Box Packing, please call: +91-921-647-1367 or email us at: hitek622@gmail.com or info@hitechinnovations.in.

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